Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Roh plays ball with Bush

Maybe Roh really got the message that Bush wants more cooperation from South Korea, because Roh isn't even over jetlag yet and the Defense Minister is talking about renewing South Korea's commitment to the effort in Iraq.

Despite Korea having the third largest force in Iraq (after the US and the UK and way ahead of #4), strained relations between the US and the ROK persist because of other things, like Roh's shoot-from-the-lip comments about making South Korea a balancer and Roh's apparent kissing up to the North Koreans.

So maybe this is Roh showing he really is a team player. Or maybe it's Bush saying, "If you want us to stay in South Korea then you stay in Iraq."

Or maybe the White House has replaced Roh with a clone that will do their bidding. Ah, but such a nefarious plan would fail, because they would have forgotten that his DNA does not include his eyelid surgery. Or his tattoos.

Anyway, I see this as a good sign. It shows that Bush and Roh are playing ball -- and on the same team.

Please don't burst my bubble.


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